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    GBA6511E: Financial Accounting for Managers
    This course covers financial and managerial accounting. The course provides an understanding of the various financial statements, as well as cost behaviour, cost/volume/profit relationships, budgets, responsibility accounting and relevant costing.

    GBA6541E: International Business
    This course provides an understanding of International Business and its impact on business decisions. The interdependence of world economics, the major innovations in communication technologies, and the invention of the World Wide Web have all made globalization relevant to modern international business practices.

    GBA6551E: Applied Management Statistics
    This course is intended to familiarize managers with the statistical methods used in a variety of business situations. The course will emphasize application and will provide the attendee with a working knowledge of the most widely-used techniques. Students will be introduced to statistical packages available and will be required to use the computer in order to solve the problems. Topics covered in the course will include: descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling procedures and distributions, inferential statistics including estimation, hypothesis testing and ANOVA, regression analysis and correlation, time series analysis.

    GBA6535E: e-Commerce Management
    The objective of this course is to help managers develop a strategic e-commerce plan for development and implementation in their organizations. This course presents strategies for integrating electronic commerce activities to help maximize organizational competitiveness. Important issues such as electronic storefronts, on-line business, customer interfaces, e-procurement, business-to-customer and business-to-business networking will be explored. Furthermore, the program will help you integrate your departments, suppliers and customers into a digitally networked strategic plan.

    GBA6575E: Strategic Management
    This course includes analysis of major forces driving organizations, explores mission development, goal selection, corporate strategy, and policy formulation for the benefit of all stakeholders. It will discuss situations confronting senior managers in the competitive environment, including topics such as the identification and evaluation of strategic alternatives, management of control processes for increased productivity, etc…

    MGP7111A Project management and its environment
    This course aims at focusing on the main issues encountered in project management and to develop the project management process within the managerial context of an organization. More specifically, this course will serve in introducing the main elements and concepts of project management, its organizational and strategic context, the role exercised by the project manager as well as its skills. At the end of the course, the student should have acquired a global and systematic vision of project management.

    MGP7112A Project Design
    The main objective of this course is to enable the student to apply a systemic approach to the design of a project and to choose a best strategy for its implementation. More specifically, the course proposes a general methodology or process applicable to the design of any project. It also deals with the many issues encountered while doing feasibility analysis, develops various models tailored to the decision problems at hand, and finally propose various strategies for the implementation of projects. At the end of the course, the student should have mastered the fundamental concepts as well as the practical skills for designing and assessing a project.

    MGP7121A Project operational planning and control
    The overall objective of this course is to enable the students to master in a competent fashion the concepts and techniques required to plan, organize, and control a project with efficiency and efficacy. The specific objectives are the following: a) to expound an operational process whereby the student will be capable of establishing an execution as well as a monitoring plan for his project; b) to initiate students to most commonly used techniques and methodologies used by professional project managers in planning, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling projects; and c) to initiate students to the use of project management dedicated computer software.

    MGP7140A Project Financial Evaluation
    By providing practical training and specific competence in project financial evaluation, this course aims to enhance the quality of the project manager's investment decisions. As part of the project feasibility process, it will look at short and long-term decisions in both production and service sectors.

    MGP7150A Project feasibility
    A two-pronged objective: to provide project managers with a marketing approach that recognizes with a marketing approach that recognizes the project's internal and external context, and offer techniques for better project feasibility.

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